7 Important Professionals in the Construction industry

Important professionals in the construction industry

The construction industry embraces a wide range of Professionals that collectively carry out diverse distinctive functions. The list of professionals in the construction industry includes Architects, Quantity surveyors, Building Technologist, Estate surveyors & valuers, Land surveyors, Town Planners, and Engineers(Civil, MEP, and Structural). These aforementioned professionals are very important and are greatly involved in the … Read more

6 Best BIM and CAD Software Companies 2022 (UPDATED)

Have you ever wondered which Construction software companies are responsible for developing and creating these wonderful varieties of  Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology softwares? Most of these BIM Softwares massively in use all over the world today were made by some of the best construction and engineering software companies in the world. However, Some of … Read more

Why a Quantity Surveyor is better than an Architect

why a quantity surveyor is better than an architect

Over the years in the built environment people tend to take Architects as the ultimate professionals! Having gone through a deep comparison between a Quantity Surveyor and an Architect, From a general perspective and value rendering point of view, A Quantity Surveyor is seen to be better than an Architect. In the Movie world, The … Read more

Tendering and Estimation process in the Construction Industry (2022 Updated!)

Do you know that Estimating and Tendering services are being modified into a more dynamic and essential service in today’s world; Its procedure is a relevant sphere in the construction industry that professionals – mainly Quantity Surveyors — practice A lot– such as E-tendering, serial tendering, etc. — has now become part of modern quantity … Read more