7 Important Professionals in the Construction industry

Important professionals in the construction industry

The construction industry embraces a wide range of Professionals that collectively carry out diverse distinctive functions. The list of professionals in the construction industry includes Architects, Quantity surveyors, Building Technologist, Estate surveyors & valuers, Land surveyors, Town Planners, and Engineers(Civil, MEP, and Structural). These aforementioned professionals are very important and are greatly involved in the … Read more

Why a Quantity Surveyor is better than an Architect

why a quantity surveyor is better than an architect

Over the years in the built environment people tend to take Architects as the ultimate professionals! Having gone through a deep comparison between a Quantity Surveyor and an Architect, From a general perspective and value rendering point of view, A Quantity Surveyor is seen to be better than an Architect. In the Movie world, The … Read more

Tendering and Estimation process in the Construction Industry (2022 Updated!)

Do you know that Estimating and Tendering services are being modified into a more dynamic and essential service in today’s world; Its procedure is a relevant sphere in the construction industry that professionals – mainly Quantity Surveyors — practice A lot– such as E-tendering, serial tendering, etc. — has now become part of modern quantity … Read more