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Since the impact of a professional quantity surveyor in the construction industry is greatly overwhelming, It has captured many individuals in picking an interest in what a quantity surveyor profession entails,

This has brought to the table, questions such as what does a quantity surveyor do? and How to become a professional quantity surveyor

It’s no news that they are experts well-equipped with the knowledge on how to manage cost and enhance value in the construction sector.

Quantity surveyors have helped clients get the best value for their money.

The need and essence for a cost expert in the construction industry and the built environment at large have attracted many into picking a special interest in the quantity surveying profession.

An Illumination of the whole facet of the quantity surveying profession would be fully dispensed in this article.

The Quantity surveyor(s) profession

Quantity surveying is a profession developed since the 19th century, earlier then, Quantity surveyors were referred to as “measurers”.

The History of quantity surveying gives more ardent details on the background and practice of the quantity surveying profession

A quantity surveyor is a professional in the construction industry that is fully trained, qualified, and experienced in dealing with all the finance concerned activities involved in the construction industry

Quantity surveyors are majorly the cost expert or  cost controllers whose prime task is to ensure a construction project is kept within the agreed budget

Because of their knowledge in valuation and cost management, they have the best understanding of using the most minimal resources to bring maximum value to construction

Quantity surveyors are unique, due to the major role they play in the construction industry, they happen to be one of the top professionals in the construction industry

Quantity Surveyor professional body

Is there a governing global body regulating and guiding the quantity surveying profession? Yes there is, The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors RICS

RICS is a globally recognized professional body that establishes and enforces regulations and standards about aspects of the built environment

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction, and infrastructure.

The work of RICS professionals is hugely varied and essential in the construction industry

How to become a Professional Quantity surveyor

To become a professional quantity surveyor one must be a member or fellow in any of the globally recognized quantity surveying body

Aside from the RICS which spearheads and oversees everything related to the costing profession

Most countries also have their respective professional bodies guiding and governing the costing profession 

In other to become a registered and qualified quantity surveyor one must be recognized and licensed by these bodies

A qualified professional quantity surveyor is referred to as a Chartered surveyor

For one to become a chartered surveyor, he/she must have gone through the school of learning, earn a degree in quantity surveying, Write and pass the test of professional competency (TPC) exam given by the body

If successful, such an individual can be referred to as a Chartered surveyor, a Registered Quantity surveyor (RQS), or  a Professional Quantity surveyor (PQS)

What is the difference between a QS and an RQS?

I get this question a lot, which is the difference between a Quantity Surveyor and a Registered Quantity Surveyor?” 

The answer is simple and straight forward

Where an RQS is a member or fellow fully recognized and licensed to practice the Costing profession by the quantity surveying professional body 

A QS might be yet to pass the professional body exam or receive the license to practice and spearhead vital roles in construction by the professional body 

One is still a QS if he/she is yet to pass the professional body exam or if such an individual is still a student

More so even if after graduating with a Quantity surveying degree, you’re yet to still tag yourself as an RQS 

Not until you have been under the mentorship and guidance of a Senior Quantity Surveyor (SQS) i.e. a chartered surveyor with vast experience in the costing profession 

And have written and passed the test of professional competency exam given by the body

Only then can you be licensed and tagged as a professional registered quantity surveyor

You can’t call yourself a Registered or professional Quantity surveyor if you’re yet to pass the professional body exam and get licensed by the professional body

In conclusion, to become a verified professional Quantity surveyor, You must be recognized and registered with the professional body governing the region you’re based in.


With these vivid explanations, you will get a clearer and better understanding of the uniqueness and essence of the Quantity surveying profession

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