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Every Discipline or field of study ever known is expected to be under a particular discipline,  most of which, generally are classified under the Science or Art Discipline.

Some Disciplines can be very easy to figure out. The category they belong to can be easily determined without any objection or contradictions by any scholars and professionals in that field.

In such cases, It happens to be a General Consensus by everyone in the Discipline.

Just as Biochemistry is generally known and accepted to be a Science Discipline and English Literature is generally known and accepted to be an Art discipline.

One should note that this does not apply to all disciplines as some disciplines could be so Cumbersome when it comes to figuring out the category to which they belong.

Most of these disciplines need to be carefully examined and studied from diverse logical views and philosophical approaches.

its application and mode of operation should also be examined in deciphering the category to which the discipline belongs to.

The Quantity surveying profession is one among many such types of disciplines that Proper examinations and Tactical logical observations need to be undertaken in determining the category to which it belongs.

The profession has been viewed and debated by Many Cost professionals, Cost Management Scholars, and Construction Experts in the Built Environment all over the world as regards the fact if Quantity Surveying should be referred to as an Art or a Science discipline.

Is Quantity surveying science or art?

In this discourse, a good number of these costing professionals, managerial scholars & experts profess the fact that the Quantity surveying profession is definitely a Science Discipline.

While a reasonable amount of these professionals and scholars still held on to the fact that the Quantity surveying profession is absolutely an Art Discipline rather than a science.

Both parties duly stated their facts about why Quantity surveying should be an Art or a Science Discipline.

Why Quantity Surveying is a Science discipline

For us to understand why these professionals held on to their facts on Quantity Surveying being a Science Discipline Rather than an Art, we must know what Science is.Quantity surveying and science

What is Science?

Science is a particular discipline or branch of learning, especially one dealing with measurable or systematic principles rather than intuition or natural ability.

It deals with the fact of knowing something, Gaining knowledge and understanding of truth (Factual and proven and not mere hypothesis).

It involves the collective discipline of a study or learning acquired through research and the use of scientific methods along with the application of the knowledge gained from such scientific methods and research.

With this understanding of what science is, these scholars are definitely not wrong to say that quantity surveying is a science discipline.

Quantity surveying is a science disciplineWhy Quantity surveying is science?

  1. Quantity surveying has a lot to do with measurement.
  2. It carries out functions that need factual and precise details and not mere hypotheses
  3. it is a sceptical profession that works with evidence, result, and productivity
  4. The profession applies many systematic principles.
  5. Research and surveys are always necessary.
  6. It deals with Technical analysis and valuation.
  7. It involves Technical observation and experimentation.

Why Quantity Surveying is an Art Discipline

The others who kept their stand on the opinion that Quantity surveying is an Art discipline rather than a science stated their facts and reasons also.

Before going further, an understanding of what Art is? needs to be amplified.

What is Art

Art is a Discipline that involves human Creativity, it involves the adaptation of a superior skill possessed by virtue of learning, study, practice, and ideas.

Art in quantity surveyingIt’s a Nonscientific branch of learning, where learning is not based on facts alone but more on Individual skills of sense and judgment, intelligent guessing, and vast experience.

In other words, it’s a craft skill developed through intense study and practice that’s based more on Intuition and hypothesis rather than Facts derived through Scientific methods and research.

With this explanation of what art is, you would agree with me here that Quantity surveying also has a relationship with Art.Creativity in quantity surveying

Why Quantity surveying is Art?

  1. The profession works well with vast experience
  2. It involves great Individual skills and a good sense of judgment
  3. It’s a profession that makes good use of human creativity and Intuition
  4. The profession is practical (requires continuous practice)
  5. Conjecture and Intelligent guessing are required in cases where facts are not useful
  6. Most skills are possessed by virtue of practice and experience eg. making assumptions where necessary

Quantity surveying is both Art and Science

With these observations and facts from both perspectives, it was mutually concluded that Quantity Surveying is both Science and Art.

Aside from the consensus that Quantity surveying is both science and art, the following notable facts were also mutually agreed upon by both partiesart and science in quantity surveying

  1. Quantity surveying is more of a science when it comes to analysis and the acquisition of knowledge
  2. Quantity surveying is more of an art when it comes to Creativity, Individual skills, and a good sense of judgment

Is Quantity Surveying a STEM subject?

To know if Quantity Surveying is a STEM subject, We will have to start with this basic question, what exactly does STEM mean?

What Exactly does STEM mean?

It’s a term many are familiar with but don’t really understand, They might have seen or heard about it one way or the other and still don’t really get the full concept of it.

STEM is a common abbreviation used for four closely connected areas of study which are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The fields are often associated due to the similarities that they share both in theory and practice.

STEMSTEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and refers to any subjects that fall under these Four disciplines.

Now that we have understood fully well what STEM means we can now see if Quantity surveying is a STEM subject

So back to the question!

Is Quantity Surveying a STEM subject?

STEMYes! Quantity surveying is a STEM-related subject because most of its functions in practice have much to do with Science, Technology, Engineering, and definitely Mathematics.

This is really great because Job demands in our world today are rapidly requiring professions that are STEM-related.

There’s been a significant push in recent years for the demand for professionals who have astute skills in STEM-related subjects.

Another wonderful advantage is that it’s easier to migrate, adapt and look for work in other countries when you study a STEM subject at a degree level.

High schools, Universities, and Community programs, as well as the federal government, are taking steps to promote opportunities for both genders within STEM education in the past several years.

It will interest you to know that since Quantity Surveying is both an art and science and it’s also a STEM-related subject; one can conclude that Quantity surveying is a STEAM subject.

What does STEAM mean?

We’ve just gone through learning about STEM and now STEAM is here, lol, don’t freak out, it’s nothing complicated

STEAM just like STEM is also an abbreviation.

Quantity surveying is a steam subjectSTEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

It involves the Combination of Art alongside STEM.

STEAM is special because the creativity and research in ART are applied to all the activities and affairs of STEM.

Quantity surveying is a STEAM subject

Now with this, you’ll agree with me that Quantity surveying is a STEAM subject.

The Uniqueness, versatility, and wideness of the Quantity surveying profession can not be overemphasized any further.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, you’ll agree with me that the costing profession is really a vast and fascinating profession.

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