Why a Quantity Surveyor is better than an Architect

Built EnvironmentOver the years in the construction and built environment, people tend to always take Architecture as the ultimatum and the best field in the built environment, But having gone through a deep comparison of both fields, on a general scale and from a value rendering point of view, A Quantity Surveyor is seen to be far better than an Architect.

In the Movie world, The celebrated and recognized ones in a  successful movie are the gorgeous and wonderful actors and actresses, but who truly ensured the success are the Movie producers, the editors, scriptwriters, stunt experts, etc.

In the Music world, the Artiste is celebrated and recognized for any hit music video or blazing record but dancers, music editors, songwriters, studio engineers, and DJs also contributed to the success but are given little or no credit outside.

That’s also what happens in the construction world, Yeah, you got that right, Architects are always given the appraisal and credit perhaps because of the uniqueness and beauty of their designs coming to reality whereas it’s the quantity surveyors seconded by the structural engineers that are the backbone of any successful project.

Don’t get me wrong here, Architects are good and it’s a wonderful field in the built environment, but Quantity surveying is great and the most impactful when it comes to the construction world.

Enough of the different types of worlds. lol, let’s get straight to facts

What does an Architect do in construction?

an Architect

An architect is a skilled professional that draws the plans and designs of buildings in the construction industry.

They are the experts involved in the designs of structures such as office buildings, infrastructures, stadiums, schools, malls, hotels, homes, etc.

They specifically convert the brief outline of a client into plans and schedules that can be used as working drawings and specifications drawings by other construction experts.

They are very unique truth be told, at times A client will have just a blurry idea of what he wants, some might know what they want but have no idea of how they want it to be or look like but when the clients consult a good architect, the architect will be able to structuralize his brief idea into a wonderful design concept plan, they are that good.

The Architect is regularly always the first to liaise with the client in the construction industry, they both must have done a lot of work together before the Quantity Surveyor and other construction field experts will later join the train. That’s a major advantage for being an architect.

The client always trusts the Architect and Quantity Surveyor because they were there for him when no one was there. So why then is the Quantity surveyor not honored and valued as need be?


What does a quantity surveyor do in construction?


A Quantity surveyor is a cost and procurement management officer that is concerned with all the financial activities involved in construction work.

They are construction cost advisers who by virtue of their specialist training have developed knowledge on construction economics.

This allows them to advise on what a project would cost, the economics of a project, and the preparation of a budget to execute such a project.

A client will also have to liaise with a quantity surveyor, after consulting the architect, the costing is next.

There must be a relationship between the Quantity surveyor and the architect.

A cost expert i.e the Quantity Surveyor must be brought to the building team, now the three of them will have to connect and brainstorm together.

The quantity surveyor will serve as the financial cost adviser to the client, he will try to notify the client of an approximate estimate of the project work he’s trying to execute.

Some clients have little knowledge of the cost and budget needed for their project, or perhaps the Architect “all in the name of complexity and beauty” might overshoot the client’s budget pocket.

This is why the quantity surveyor is needed during the design stage to always put both the client and architect in check and to always regulate the design of the architect with respect to the client’s budget.

Quantity Surveying vs Architecture

These construction experts are both wonderful and unique in what they do but let’s check these facts out

Quantity surveyor or Architect

  • A quantity surveyor is the only expert in the construction industry that must possess substantial knowledge on all the other fields in the built environment in other for them to carry out their work well as cost experts.
  • A quantity surveyor must always be able to interpret any drawings plans (simple or complex) by the architect to enable him to estimate the cost budget needed to execute the construction work.
  • An architect always sees his work from just an architectural and pictorial point of view, a quantity surveyor must look at all working drawings and plans from a cost budget-friendly point of view and also from a structural stability point of view all in accordance with the client’s taste and preference.
  • This fact above allows the quantity surveyor to possess knowledge on strength of materials and structural analysis, thus giving them an edge over the Architect.
  • Quantity surveyors are more versatile and have a broader field compared to that of architects, They are able to practice their financial skills and expertise in any sector as far as cost and finance are concerned.
  • In a project, It’s just the architect who is in the client’s building team, but for a Quantity surveyor, they are always two, The client’s Quantity Surveyor and the Contractor’s Quantity surveyor. This shows how essential the Quantity surveyor is.
  • An architect is mostly concerned about seeing his drawings come to reality, some architects all in the name of beauty and modern architecture draw plans that are structurally not stable or cost-friendly to the client.
  • The Quantity surveyor must consider all these factors to see if the plan given by the architect is cost-friendly and structurally stable.
  • A Quantity surveyor will ensure the clients get maximum value with the most minimal resources i.e. the clients must get the best value for their money.
  • Seeing the client satisfied is the main aim of both the Architect and the Quantity Surveyor but ensuring it happens is more pivotal to the Quantity surveyor.
  • A Quantity surveyor has more legal knowledge on construction contracts than the architect, thus giving the Quantity surveyor more advantage to serve as Arbitrators and legal experts for clients.
  • A Quantity surveyor must possess knowledge on all the legal involvement of a Contract stipulation, they are the legal experts in the built environment, they help the client in tackling many legal issues ranging from parties involved in a contract to a breach of contract.
  • A quantity surveyor knows much of the architect’s but an architect has little or no knowledge of the quantity surveying profession.

The essence and importance of a Quantity surveyor in the construction industry could not be overemphasized any further, as truly, they are the real pillar of the built environment.

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